Our mission is to bring educational opportunities to the Greater Cincinnati area in Permaculture, Green Building, and Sustainable Living. 



To create a non-profit organization that serves as a parent organization for a network of urban farms, urban gardens, Permaculture demonstration sites, educational workshop providers, local entrepreneurial enterprises, and other organization members involved in promoting Permaculture principles, green building technologies, and sustainable development.  The organization will provide promotional, fundraising, and administrative services to students, educators, and the general public.

What We've Achieved

  • Permaculture Design Certifications: 
    • 140 + Certified Designers in Cincinnati
    • Every year since 2008 we have held our Annual PDC's
    • Currently 11 courses hosted
    • 10+ Teachers
    • Hosted at over 20 sites demonstrating Permaculture around the Cincinnati Area 
  • Countless Weekend Workshops on subjects ranging from Food Forests to Rocket Mass Heaters
  • International Development Training for Development Workers in Morocco 
  • Organized a 9 day training in Earthship/Tiny house construction
  • Supported and Headed up the development of  numerous Community Forage Gardens, Community Orchards, Community and School Gardens
  • Created and Developed the City's first Permaculture based nursery, Growing Value, supplying the City with sources of Hardy Perennial Edibles.

Contact: info@cincinnatipermacultureinstitute.org